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Where to eat, when you are in Vientiane

See the locations on Vientiane Restaurants Google Map

Picture by Backpack Foodie
At the night market

Night Market Ban Anou: Near crossing of Chao Anou and Khoun Bourom Road.

Night Market along the Mekong: Many stalls in the west of the street along the Mekong

Food stalls: Along Lane Xang Road, north of Talat Sao and between Hathsadi and Khou Vieng Road.

Picture by Many Moon Honeymoon
Everything ready for a delicious streetfood-meal


Joma Bakery: 14/4 Setthathirat Road. Very nice sandwichs and great coffee, say reviews on "Delicious pastries, sandwiches, quiche, muesli, fruit, shakes", adds Lonely Planet. Daily papers from Laos and Thailand and Wi Fi, mentions

Picture by larique

Scandinavian Bakery: 74/1 Pangkham Road. "The cinnamon rolls and chocolate croissants are to die for", comments Muggles1 on See picture on and on

Maison du Café: 70 Pangkham Road. Coffee from Laos, Brazil, Kenya and Colombia. And also tea! And also a travel agent, discovered the tranquilo traveler


Heng Boun and Chao Anou Road are the heart of Vientianes chinatown.

Ban Haysok: 34-36 Heng Boun road.

Guang Dong: 91-93 Chao Anou Road. Cantonese dishes. "Good food", says one review on

Peking Duck: Good review with pictures by


Le Silapa: 17/1 Th Sihom. Excellent, according to reviews on

La Cave des Châteaux: Big wine choice, romantic terrace. The wine is wunderful and the kitchen excellent according to reviews on See picture by talesfrom30b

Le Provencal: Nam Phou. "Pizza margheritas freshly baked in a wood fired oven. Yummy.", comments edfaigman on Don't await too much, it's a French bistro, not more.

La Terrasse: 55/4 Nokeokoummane Road. "French-European food, great desserts, good family restaurant, very popular with expats, excellent bread", notes the blog Apocalypse Lao. See picture on


Aria Italian Culinary Arts: Excellent, according to reviews on

L'Opera: Homemade pasta.


Douang Deune: Francois Ngin Road. "Excellent Lao, Vietnamese, and Thai food" with Western classical music, notes

Khop Chai Deu: 54 Setthathirad Road. In an old French colonial villa, Lao and European dishes. Has a link to the Book Lao Cooking and The Essence of Life. "Khop Chai Deu is the crossroads for expats, backpackers, and tourists", describes and notes tasty barbecue and good Lao sections - also "an extensive range of fried insect dishes including crickets and larvae". See their Facebook page. See a video about their lunch buffet

That Dam Wine House:

The Spirit House: Good cocktails with Mekong View, say reviews on


Yulala Café: Heng Boun Road. "Cute japanese restaurant and best chocolate desserts", say reviews on

Fujiwara: 2/2 Luang Ptabang Road. An epic Sushi menu, notes


Just for fun: 51/2 Pamkham Road. Vegetarian dishes. "A good option for committed veggies", comments and also a Lao handicraft store.

Kong View Restaurant: On the riverside, west of Vientiane - take a Taxi.

Nang Kham Bang: Khoun Boulum Road. Very godd review by mmm-yoso!!!

Nok Noy: Fa Ngum Road (corner of Nokeokoummane Road). Noodle shop. See pictures on

Kualao: 141 Samsenthai Road. In an old colonial villa.

Lotus Restaurant: Nokeokoummane Road. In a house in colonial style.

Makphet: Setthathirat road. This restaurant trains homeless youth and is run by Friends International. It sells also a cookbook "From Honeybees to Pepperwood". "A foodies heaven", say reviews on Read more on

Picture by Backpack Foodie
A vegetable dish by Makphet

Picture by Backpack Foodie
Laap - a meat based salad with mint

Mekong Sunbar Restaurant: 1/13 Fa Ngum Road.

Nok Noy Noodle:

Pho Zaab: Lao noodle soup - beef and pork noodles with herbs, lime juice and chili



Full Moon Café: "Boasting Lao, Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Indian daily specials, this is the place to go if you're not sure which Asian country's cuisine you want to sample", recommends Frommers
. See a picture by Roopa Anish

Linda Sathaphorn: 306/18 Saphanthong Road. Very popular by Thais. with a shaded courtyard, notes

Phikun: Good and quick according to one review on


Lucky's: Samsenthai Road.

Nam Neong: Next to hotel Lao. Here you wrap meat and vegetables or fish into Vietnamese rice paper. Read review by

PVO Café: 344 Samsenthai Road. "Tasty do-it-yourself spring rolls" comments

Picture by mikecogh

Read also the restaurant guide by the Blog "Apocalypse Lao" and the reviews by New York Times readers

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