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Tours from Vientiane: Go tubing or
organic farming in Vang Vieng

See the locations on Vang Vieng Google Map

Picture by Stéphane P. ROUSSEAU

Picture by Ben and Debs Blench What Vang Vieng is famous for: tubing in Nam Song River

Picture by JonasPhoto
A lot of traffic on the river

Tubing in Vang Vieng - this is about fun among halfnaked young people, bars, drinks, bumping music, dancing, sometimes drugs, hangovers - and sometimes accidents: People jump into the river and break their bones on rocks or people drink too much, cannot swim and drown. It's about the same things as every where on the world, where young people go for fun and partying. Read how Adventurous Kate sees it. And she writes about Death and Dangers. See also the restaurant menue with opium tea and mushroom magics, documented on Blog of the Morning Calm. Also on Thorn Three Forum are reports about deaths in Vang Vieng. Then see this video on about a broken skull. On Global Post an article asks: Vang Vieng, Laos: backpacker mecca turned disaster magnet? and offers a lot of insight. For example: The Vang Vieng region had 90 hotels/guesthouses in 2003; in 2009 there were 222. More insights on Vang Vieng, Laos: the world's most unlikely party town

Vang Vieng: By

Hotels and Resorts in Vang Vieng

Ban Sabai Bungalows: From 29 USD. Every bungalow has a verandah with river view. Very good reviews on, also for included breakfast and more food in Xayoh Riverside Cafe. See video on youtube.

Picture by thomaswanhoff

Picture by thomaswanhoff
River view from Ban Sabai

D'Rose Resort: From 15 USD. Behind Wat That. Phone +856 23 511 035. 40 bungalows. Swimming pool. With restaurant Café Khamsouk. Critical review on Quite good reviews on, but some note, that animals are kept in cages.

Thavonsouk Hotel & Resort: "One of the most beautiful locations", according to See a video about the early morining view from the porch of a ropm by Prince Roy.

Picture by Prince Roy
View from the porch of the riverside room

Picture by madaboutasia

The Cocoon Vang Vieng Resort
: Situated along the Nam Song River. With a pool. Some bad reviews until 2010, then new management, now one good review on

The Elephant Crossing: "Fabulous view of the river and mountains", according to reviews on

Picture by Simon Cast

Picture by Simon Cast
View from The Elephant Crossing Hotel

Picture by Prince Roy
Another view from the hotel

Vang Vieng Resort: From 10 USD. On the banks of Nam Song River, bungalows and lodges on both sides of the river, a bridge in between. 20 minutes to walk from the centre of Vang Vieng. "Simple but clean", comments one review on

Vansana Vang Vieng Resort: Quite good reviews on

Guesthouses in Vang Vieng

Domon River Guesthouse: Spacious rooms with balcony looking over the river towards the mountains. No breakfast. Can be noisy until early in the morning because bars are around. See pictures on

Kamphone Guesthouse: Phone (023) 511 062. "The location at the north end of town is far enough from the party that it's quiet at night, but thin walls mean you can hear your neighbours", comments

Malany Villa: Mixed reviews on

Mountain Riverview Guesthouse: Quite good reviews on

Picture by careybaird

Nana Guesthouse:

Pan's Place: Rooms and bungalows, run by a Lao lady and an old hippie from New Zealand. Very good reviews on, it's quiet. See view from Pan's Place on

Phoubane Guesthouse: "If you want cheap accomodation this is what you get", notes one review von

Saphaothong Guesthouse: "Like many of the other aging guesthouses in town, Saphaothong's fixtures and fittings are fading fast compared to the shiny new developments", a guest comments on

Sisavang Guesthouse: From 8 USD.

Thavisouk Guesthouse: *A clean, decent guesthouse with fairly simple rooms which are now showing signs of age", comments

Thavisouk Hotel & Resort: A main building and bungalows. Mixed reviews on

Viengvilay Guesthouse:

Villa Nam Song: Very good reviews on

Stay outside Vang Vieng

Indavong Guesthouse: Has a swimming pool - "not maintained and dirty", notes one guest on about the pool.

Maylyn Guesthouse: From 40 000 Kip. On the west side of Nam Song River. A twenty minutes walk from town (you have to cross a toll bridge for 4000 Kip). 15 bungalow rooms in a lush garden full of butterflies. "The slightly wild gardens, teaming with gorgeous butterflies (particularly in the early morning hours) hold charmingly basic wooden bungalows and bamboo terrace rooms", notes Very good reviews on Bicycles can be rented. See video by mrbund

Picture by Sven&Moniek
May Lyn Guesthouse

Vang Vieng Eco Lodge: From 29 USD. Ban Viengsamay. The Ecolodge is just past Viengsamy, 8 kms north of Vang Vieng and a 15 minute drive from the town centre. Basic rooms in bungalows with fan, no aircon. The restaurant on a deck overlooks the Nam Song river. Kayaks can be rented. "The staff can arrange a tuk tuk to city centre for about 40.000 kip (one way). Back the prices are a bit higher, maybe 50.000 kip", notes Bosbreur on A quiet location for people, who want to join Lao local life. Small shop in the villahe nearby. See a video by Hennephof of

Join the organic experience in Vang Vieng

Organic farm: 4 km north of the town in the village of Phoudindaeng. Vangvieng Organic Farm promotes the use of natural materials and traditional methods for growing its crops and raising its animals. It offers accommodation for visitors and volunteers and operates an organic food restaurant. The Farm is located in the village of Phoudindaeng, about 4 km north of Vangvieng on the banks of the Nam Song river. Organic Farm was founded by Thanongsi Sorangkoun in 1996 with the goal of introducing organic farming methods in an area where chemicals and deforestation were ruining the land. The farm produces mulberry trees, mulberry tea and mulberry vine as well as banana liquor, organic fruits, vegetables, poultry and goat cheese. The farm also offers guided tours

Picture by thomaswanhoff
Guest house at organic farn

Picture by thomaswanhoff
Mulberry plantation

Discover the limestone caves in Vang Vieng

Tham Phu Kham: About six kilometres south of the town, half an hour bei Tuk-Tuk. Climb 600ft up boulders and the rockface, to get to the entrance, then climb down into the cavern with its reclining Buddha (see picture). Read more and on See the lagoon nearby

Picture by juliansong

Tham Chiang: Also: Tham Jiang, Tham Chang. In the Vang Vieng Resort complex. Easy to access. It was used by the local people as a bunker in defense against the Jiin Haw (Yunnanese Chinese) in the early 19th century. At the base of the cave its possible to swim 80m into the cave. Beautiful views of Vang Vieng from the entry. Read more on and on
. See picture

Picture by Gusjer
The path towards the mountain, where Tham Chiang cave is inside

Picture by Rory OBrien

Picture Rory OBrien
Pretty river for swimming near the entrance of Tham Chiang cave

Tham Lom: About 3 km from the town. Read more and on

Tham Nam Xang (Elephant Cave): At km 48 on Route 13. Near Tham Xang village. Head towards the river, cross the bridge and about 100 m ahead is the cave. You find here an sanctuary, over 300 years older than the Lane Xang Kingdom: 5 large pink sandstone sculptures and 2 huge Buddha images. Read more and on

Picture by Pigalle

Tham Hoi:

Tham Loup:

Day tour to caves by

Read more about a caving trip and tubing down a cave

Tham None: One of the biggest caves in Vang Vieng, it served as a rescue shelter during the Second Indochina War. Today it is home to a bat colony and The Magic Stone of Vang Vieng.

Climb the limestone carsts

The limestone carst landscape around Vang Vieng attracts rock climbers. Green Discovery and Adam's Climbing School offer half- and fullday courses with their instructors. More informations on

Go kayaking

Kayaking is offered by Green Discovery Laos and often starts at Viengsamay, a Khmu village about 10 km north of Vang Vieng and goes down Nam Song River, see video on youtube. But there is also a day trip to Nam Lik, a very scenic river. Also Vang Vieng Tours offer kayaking trips.

Go for birds on Nong Nok

Nong Nok (bird lake) at Ban Sivilay Village, a community-managed birds sanctuary with hundreds of ducks and egrets roosting here.

Read more about Vang Vieng today, the way from Vang Vieng to Kasi

See also the Vang Vieng Map by Viva Vang Vieng and the Vang Vieng Map by Fluid Sisha Bar Restaurant and Vang Vieng Area Map by Hobomaps.

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