Saturday, September 24, 2011

Eco-Lodges near Vientiane

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Rivertime Ecolodge Resort: 29 km northeast from Vientiane. in the forest on the south bank of Nam Ngum river. Seven private lodges and two 3-bed dormitories, all lodges with wide balconies overlooking the river towards the mountains of Phou Khao Kwai National Protected Area.

Picture by Rivertime Eco Lodge
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Picture by Rivertime Eco Lodge
Nam Ngum River, seen from the resort

The Garden Restaurant with a big organic vegetable garden is adjacent to Rivertime Resort. It has also a floating restaurant. See the location on Rivertime Ecolodge Resort Google Map. Read reviews on what you can await and what not.
Activites from Rivertime Resort: Try the 20-minutes-forest-trail from the resort. Riverboat trips, cycling to a village of the Lao Loum ethnic group (Ban Thadokkham with a highle revered temple) or a Lao Soun ethnic village (Ban Jut Nung). Across the river from the resort is another Lao Loum village called Ban Na Taer (with a temple with turtles. Visit to a local traditional healer, traditional Lao massage. The resort also organizes visits to local schools and to the main agricultural research centre of Laos.

Ban Pako: Bungalow Resort on an ancient temple site on the banks of the Nam Ngum river about 50 km from Vientiane. Closed now, reopening after upgrading (new bungalows on the river) around april 2012. Good reviews on See the location on Ban Pako Google Map

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