Monday, April 30, 2018

Bolaven Plateau: Waterfalls everywhere -
and a Zip-Line system in the Jungle

See the locations on Bolevean Plateau Google Map

Tadhang Waterfall:

Picture Tozbee

Ban Tad Lo:

Picture Tozbee

Tad Lo Waterfall:

Picture Tozbee

Picture La Isla Magica

Sayse Guesthouse & Resort:

Tad Fane

Tad Fane Resort
: From 32 USD. From here you look at the twin waterfall Tad Fane.

Picture ruben i

Tham Champee

Near Tad Fane this waterfall is formend by Houay Champi River, falling down 15 metres. There are rafts to get to the falls.

Tad Yeuang

Not far from Tad Fane. See picture by dukhao

Sihom Plantation: A farm for coffee, pepper, some fruits and Sihom Sabai Guesthouse. Basic rooms. Read more on Good review on

Tree Top Explorer at Jungle Hotel: You discover a system of zip-lines starting from platforms high in the trees. With the zip-line you "fly" over cliffs, waterfalls and the green roof of the forest in Dong Hua Sao National Park. You trek in pristine forest and through coffee plantations or discover the forest from a sky-high walkway. The camp has electricity generated by the waterfall. Jungle Hotel Paksong is a tiny village in the midst of dense forest with six tree houses and a restaurant. Some of the houses are up to more than 20 m above the ground. Beds and mosquito nets are there, but no air-con or fridge. Ban Nongluang is a small farming village. From here reaching the zip-line complex and campsite requires another few kilometer trek on a trail inside the Dong Hua Sao National Park. You wear your own baggage, but you can also organize a villager, who transports your baggage. Read the reviews on carefully. There are a lot of tips, what you can await and what not. Sww this video on youtube. Then read Ziplines in the jungle: a high-wire act in Laos. See Facebook Page. Tree Top Explorer is owned and managed by Lao-based Green Discovery Tours.

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